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The Little Kung-Fu Monkey In A Yellow Tracksuit
12 March 2015 @ 08:34 pm
So. Terry Pratchett is dead.
The Little Kung-Fu Monkey In A Yellow Tracksuit
12 December 2014 @ 10:38 pm
Saw it. Liked it more than I thought I would after DoS. Did not cry in the cinema but I *have* spent the last three hours clutching my heart and going "God, he loved him so!" *is a filthy, filthy Thorin/Bilbo shipper*.

Will now re-read fideliant's "not all who wander are lost" because that fic hurt like a motherfucker after the first movie and it will probably outright kill me this time.
The Little Kung-Fu Monkey In A Yellow Tracksuit
23 March 2014 @ 01:04 am
Holy fucking Jeez, I need to stay away from tumblr.

Listen: Fuller didn't kill off Beverley because she was a woman, he killed her because fandom liked her best. If it had been Price or fuckin' Zeller in Beverley's role, or if Beverley had been a dude, the story would have played out *exactly the same*. Man, one of the reasons I've been internally chanting "don't die, Bev" all week is because I knew there'd be a shitfit over this. So thank you, tumblr, for taking away my enjoyment of things, just not in the way you probably were hoping.
The Little Kung-Fu Monkey In A Yellow Tracksuit
08 March 2014 @ 09:28 pm
Man, if the Will Seasons of this show end with Will stabbing Lecter instead of Lecter stabbing Will I will consider this an object lesson on why its a Bad Idea to let your dick do your thinking for you, Fancy Cannibal*.

* Nickname courtesy of cleolinda's recaps
The Little Kung-Fu Monkey In A Yellow Tracksuit
07 January 2014 @ 10:41 pm

The Little Kung-Fu Monkey In A Yellow Tracksuit
12 December 2013 @ 07:45 pm
Oh Thorin. Thorin. I don't like you as much as 500% of other fangirls but seriously, this one's for you buddy:

The Little Kung-Fu Monkey In A Yellow Tracksuit
10 October 2013 @ 11:15 am
LOOOOL Chandler just saved a life and arrested a Doomsday Cult by taking his shirt off.

Oh, Whitechapel. I cannot believe you actually found a plot reason for Rupert Penry Jones to take his kit off. You never needed one before.

The Little Kung-Fu Monkey In A Yellow Tracksuit
This year we are ringing in the birthday celebrations with rosé-based wine coolers and chocolate truffles (because I'm classsay)!

In short, it's half one on a monday night and I'm drinking by myself in my sweats because I'm yet another year older without having gotten anywhere.

HANYWAY. Let it be known that I shall go forth in the morrow and celebrate the first of many 29th birthdays to come.
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The Little Kung-Fu Monkey In A Yellow Tracksuit
After a loooot of wavering (because forced cannibalism is my serious number-one-with-a-bullet Squick) I've watched the first two episodes of Hannibal. My main reason for that is actually that my love of the Will-Graham-Archetype protagonist is stronger than any squick induced by the fuck-off delicous looking food served by Lecter could ever be, even though the so-empathetic-they-may-as-well-be-psychic Profiler I imprinted on and the reason I wanted to be a Forensic Psychologist for so long (and well, kind of still do) was Sam Waters from Profiler.

But here's the thing. I mean, since I'm currently on a Criminal Minds resurgence anyway, the comparison was going to crop up. Even so it seems to be the fandom accepted theory that Reid is the Graham-Archetype (but not as obviously as Seaver was Clarice Starling) I've always firmly put Hotch in that role, which comes as a total surprise to anyone who knows me, I'm sure. *cough* Hannibal's Will Graham, as played by Hugh Dancy, is definitely more of a Reid-type, whereas both William Peterson and Edward Norton were always more of a mish-mash of Hotch and Gideon to me. Maybe it's because Dancy is so very obviously putting an effort into appearing neuroatypical, but it's just not very believable to me yet. IDK, he might get better.

Which brings me to the point of this post: we are supposed to be scared that Graham discovers that he might enjoy killing, and ... eh. It's the same problem I have with Tony Hill from Wire in the Blood, who is a hugely disturbed indivdual and who's deal is that he finds it a lot easier to empathise with serial killers than with normal people, suggesting that he's always on the edge of losing control and becoming a bad guy.

But I'm sorry. I don't buy it from either of them. Mostly because I feel like empathy on that level seems to me to exclude sadism or psychopathy? Ugh, I don't know.

Which, as I already mentioned several times to anyone who's ever talked to me about Criminal Minds knows, is something I totally buy from Hotch. Like, I spent a lot of seasons being shit scared of what that guy might be capable of (when I wasn't calling him an actual trufax knight in shining kevlar, at least) because he was always so tightly-wound and repressed, but clearly so very very angry and damaged. Like, when he beat a man to death with his bare hands it was ugly and violent and you felt so dirty (mostly because he probably felt, too) but it felt like the culmination of five years of relatively subtle character development.

Maybe it's the the very overt Tell instead of Show involved with both Hannibal!Graham and Tony Hill that makes it unbelievable to me? We'll see if Hannibal at least makes me believe in it more over time.

Right now I just want all of these guys to have a support group crossover, presided over by my boo Sam, were they can talk about this shit and also how obsessed serial killers killed their spouses.*

*no joke, after Haley died I started and deleted five different takes on how a therapy session between Sam and Hotch at that point might go, where she's his Bureau-appointed psychiatrist.
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The Little Kung-Fu Monkey In A Yellow Tracksuit
22 March 2013 @ 03:03 am
It's that time of the year again were fannish engagement with the Supernatural fandom sucks out all the enjoyment I get out of that show/pairing/life. Ugh. At least Meg FINALLY (!!!) bit it. 7 Seasons too late.

It says something about that when Les Miz: ABE* is my current happy fandom, seeing as everyone dies and *stays dead* in that story.

*Australian Beefcake Edition
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